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Save money, time, and lots of energy at ShopIPL.org. This new online store for energy efficient products provides individuals and congregations with high quality, deeply discounted conservation options.  In addition, congregations and their members can get 10% off all prices by entering this special promotion code:  shopipl.  A portion of the proceeds will  benefit Utah Interfaith Power & Light . 
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"Here’s a diet that will leave us not grouchy and wanting, but happier, a little richer and on a sweeter planet!"-- Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy and The End of Nature
Video: Diverse Voices of Faith Speak on Climate Change and taking action!    Earth Overshoot Day 
Strong cimate change legislation is needed now- please see Advocacy! 8:30 pm   March 27 Sign up for Earth Hour:  http://www.earthhourus.org
Thanks to all who turned off the lights last year: especially the LDS Churchfor darkening 129 Temples + other buildlings in 88 countries!!!
  On  March 27, 2011, at 8:30 p.m. local  time, More than 1 billion people around the world united by turning out their lights for one hour—Earth Hour—to make a collective statement of concern about  climate change. Led  by World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour began  three years ago and is now the largest event of its kind in the world. In 2009,  nearly one billion people from 4,100 cities in 87 countries shut off their  lights, along with international landmarks including  the Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower and Great Pyramids  and the city skylines of Las Vegas, Hong Kong and Tel  Aviv.  See the link above for more info!How?.. here's how:    1. Get your faith leader(s) & building/grounds folks on board      2. ID who will program your light controller or turn off the lights on 3/27 8:30 pm 3. Announce / spread the word!            Sign up above & please drop us an email.
The Climate Diet is a great book that offers an optimistic, easy to understand and engaging message.  It has never been easier for people and faith communities to reduce their use of fossil fuels and protect the climate all while saving money.  Jonathon Harrington, who grew up in Ogden, Utah,(at Ogden UCC) is an associate professor of International Relations at Troy University, Alabama, USA  
& has authored more than fifteen articles on environment and development issues.  Also see Events to read about a new book!                Climate Diet Website
Information about the American Clean Energy Security Act (ACES).  As people of faith we requested our voice at the table for STRONG global warming legislation to put in place the SOLUTIONS that will MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE for a livable future for us all: 
 H.R. 2454 may very well die because of the Senate's lack of action.  See Avocacy for the latest info!
Link to NY Times article for more detail
Here are calling points for the senate staffer on the bill:
·     Key Points:  As a person of faith this is a moral issue!                         A strong bill needs to pass this fall: don't weaken it!!                         Let the EPA do it's job - remove it's restraints re: coal / carbon emissions                         Split Renewable Energy % from Energy Eff. and increase both by 5%                         (Renewable E by 2020 should be 20% as was passed in UT in 2008
You can learn more on our advocacy page and see a sample LTE on "resources".
Thank you for taking action for a livable future, for you, for me, and for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are just a part.
                                         Steve Ritchey  UtahIPL  &    Joan Gregory  1st Unitarian
We're on Facebook....but don't twitter your life away, or the planets' life, either -- take action today!    See our ACT page!
Utah Faith Communities go Solar!  UtahIPL member Christ United Methodist has received a Blue Sky grant for a 20 kwatt PV array after matching it with a raised $50k. The dedication was on 9/7/10 w/ Utah governor candidate SLC Mayor Corroon present.  SLC 1st Untarian has followed suit!

Check out the first Utah LDS meeting house with a PV array installed!  See it in Farmington, Utah (photo left).  Another is on the way in Utah & 3 in Arizona!   The commitment is clear...read more in the DesNews & official LDS Church news site!  

  Meanwhile Holladay United Church of Christ's PV solar array  has been up and running & cutting carbon - one of many at Utah faith communities!   Over 200 megawatts have been installed by members of UtahIPL faith communties and reduce' carbon footprint by 100,000's of pounds & save over $100k annually! 
What is this?  It generates 20 megawatts of solar energy.  See below!
It's a 400 foot high solar power tower, near Seville, Spain.  and we could have one near Delta, Utah, or anywhere south in our state.  But it takes a national climate law to make this happen!  Please
go to our advocacy page 
Notice the sundog from 1200 focused mirrors?
Clck image to learn more about the tower.
Invite us to speak at your faith community to learn more 
about renewable energy and what you can do.
The final word?  Limit the global average temperatue increase to 1.5 degrees, and...
developed countries, be prepared to pay $100 billion/year by 2020...so let's get going!
NOT COOL:  Earth Overshoot Day is often 25+ DAYS EARLIER  each year!!    
Determine your carbon footprint at this site!                 Be a part of the solution!