Contact us about an energy audit for your faith community, today!
It will take just a couple of hours.  If you proceed with many of our ideas for you, you will likely save $1000's in energy costs.  If you are a member or join us, for now, it's free!  
Please email Steve:   info<at>utahuri<dot>org

Interested in a great home Dweltek audit?  Contact them!

Utah URI

How ours works:  You email or call us to schedule an appointment.  Ideally, a "building & grounds" person, faith leader, and/or green team person would be present & take some notes during the ~2 hour audit.   We will do a write-up and email a report, catagorizing energy savings ideas:
1. Easy to do / little cost     2. More effort / cost    3. Major Projects

Donations help continue Utah IPL's
E-audit service & may be sent
via check or money order  to: 
Utah Interfaith Power & Light
P.O. Box 112016
Salt Lake City, UT 84147-2016
Get started today: tracking your energy costs, both in your faith community and in your own home.  The power of energy savings efforts is that it can "come home" to all your members!

Contact us to read about E-audits in the Dec. 09' Salt Lake Tribune article (on the front page of the Faith section)

The "Trib"  is available & read
all over Utah.
Photos of auditor Steve Ritchey
courtsey of Leah Hogsten /
The Salt Lake Tribune

   or contact us about
EPA's Portfolio Manager!
Form a Green Team to get green efforts going in your faith  community!
Read about CFL and LED usage installed - if you don't use at least 5, please do so!

Green Teams can involve everything from organizing study  groups and special events, to having an energy audit done on your building
and  following up to save energy and $$$$.  As a group, you can be a stronger witness to the  broader community on issues of ecological justice. Forming a Green Team also  creates an opportunity to connect with UtahIPL and a broader interfaith /  national network of similar teams from which you can learn and share ideas. By  forming a team you can effect change for a viable future. 

Here's how  to start:

1. Host an after service discussion program, a film night (even at one's  home), or this summer, a picnic (no stryofoam!).  Find like-minded people who are  concerned about the future: "your core".

2. Get your faith leader (including lay leadership) on board and talking  about it on a monthly (or more often!) basis.  Start weekly "eco-tips"; contact us to get them emailed to you.

3. Start with fun, informative stuff, but get to having book studies, and at  least bimonthly meetings.  Start tracking energy usage. (see our energy audit  page)

4. Identify a "guinea pig" - someone who is interested, but "green" is not a  current priority.

5. Plan on your team attending UtahIPL's "Cool Congregations" on Oct.  2nd.
See Act! for more ideas!

6. Know you will encounter apathy or even pleasantly persistent!

Soon, many will recognize that we cannot separate social and economic justice  concerns from those of healing of the planet and working toward a sustainable  future. This is "whole Earth justice."

Guidelines for using Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL’s) and LED's (try them!!)

1. Use them throughout your home and faith community buildings, except in closets or where there is a risk of breakage – they save you money many times their cost and help preserve creation and everything natural we often take for granted now.  Also, more people will install them in their homes.

Everyone should have 5 CFL's or LED's installed in your most used light fixtures!

2. CFL’s (unless labeled otherwise) won’t last long in dimmable or electronic (motion  detecting) sockets.  Dimmable CFL’s are available and are labeled such: GE and Philips have been proven to be the best..  LED's are not hurt by dimming, but don't really dim much, unless they are the new high tech type:  See a Utah company: Contact us to learn about purchase credits

3.  If it is fluorescent and you will be back in 15 minutes leave it on (some manufacturers say 2 hours!).   If it is incandescent or LED and you will be back in more than 3 minutes, turn it off!  Motion detector are great for bathrooms (be sure to get commercial fluorescent rated quality ones) and any place lights get left on.

For frequently asked questions about CFLs, mercury, disposal, and how to pick up the pieces if there is breakage, here is a very helpful link:   LED's last 50,000 hours so it will be a while.