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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. ®  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  
        Margaret Mead....quote courtesy of The Institute for Intercultural Studies, Inc., New York
Utah URI
United Religions Initative 
Info & Events -- Utah United Religons Initiative
Utah URI coordinator Steve Ritchey continues his climate change and sustainablility work with
UtahIPL as our partnership continues, including building relations with diverse beliefs in Utah.
URI is a key player in the IPL CO2Covenant program.  Steve is on the national planning group for it.    Learn more soon on the uri.og site.
Summers of 2009 - 2013, Dr. John Shavers, took groups to do work at Father Centurio's AIDS orphanages in Uganda, also installing solar panels and building solar stoves.
Marsha Pilergram continues her URI bridge building efforts.  2 members of Utah URI received awards ($350 to hosting faith communities) for sermons given on climate change in 2008.  They were Dr. John Shavers and Steve Ritchey (who also gave his sermon twice in Ohio).  Utah URI continues to support UtahIPL in it's interfaith efforts on climate change: see events above.  The 2  $350 awards were used to mitigate climate change, a double win!Past Events of note (and others in past years) raised over $5000 for Uganda and children in need:
African ConneXtion 2:  Our Big Give
When:       June 20th  and 21st, 2010 at 7:00 pm     
Over 100 joined us for  double fund raising events for The Children of Uganda.   Friday night the 20th the movie, War/Dance, was shown at Unity of Salt Lake’s home:  the Disabled Veterans Building 277 East 800 South.    The documentary, directed by the husband & wife team of Sean Fine and Andrea Nix, “captures the awe-inspiring stories of children living in the Patongo refugee camp” in Northern Uganda.   The children and young people work together and then attend and compete in the Ugandan national dance and music contest.  This makes for an exciting and highly inspiring finish.  And onSaturday June 21st, also at 7 pm, there was a Silent Auction Fundraiser at the Holladay United Church of Christ --- directions follow or see the map below!Holladay UCC Directions: From the north: Exit I-215 at 4500 S, go down the hill 2 streets past the traffic light, then left on Wander Lane. Go past the stop sign and right onto Murray-Holladay Road.   We again welcomed the great music of Desert Wind.  
Father Centurio Olaboro, who conducts mission work with 1054 HIV/AIDS orphan children in Uganda, will be present to speak and answer questions concerning his work both evenings.  Please see below or:  www.ugandamartyrsorphansproject.org  for more info on this work
Before coming to Utah,  Father Centurio will be in key meetings at the UN in NYC June 9-11 concerning the new serious hunger crisis (why!) as well as the continuing HIV/AIDS pandemic.   
He also spoke in more detail on June 24th at UN Association meeting in Sugar House.
About Father Centurio Olaboro:
Orphaned himself during the military domination of Uganda by Idi Amin., Father Centurio understands the hearts of children.  His vision is to give hope and encouragement to orphans, build their lives and guide them to be productive and responsible members of their community.
Check back here for continued events, info & efforts: Many of us attended the SLC July 23rd, 2013 talk by radiologist Dr. Akira Sugenoya, who is also mayor of Matsumoto, Japan.  He gave us an first-hand knowledge update:"Chernobyl Status and the Future of Fukushima".   Child thryroid cancer rates peaked, 10 years after Chernobyl & likely will also north-west of Fukushima.  Cesium137 levels are still "hot spots" within 100 km of Minsk.  The 30 km zone in Chernobyl is still closed and not likely to open, with likely plutonium and other highly toxic radioactivity.  The fallout & contamination picture is bleak in both regions.  Food for thought, every time there is talk of a Green River reactor!On a positive note: the fund raising event on March 2012 with Inter Ethnic Health Alliance for continued work w/ Father Centurio and AIDS orphanges in Uganda was a great sucess!  Please join our efforts & start by contacting us at info <at> utahuri.org!
Welcome!  You've found the original Utah Interfaith Power and Light website. It is now Utah URI's site, one of the founding members of Utah IPL; useful tips, info & links will remain.  We seek to be faithful  by responding to climate change through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency and  renewable energy!   Read about our efforts & past events, down below.  
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